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The Hidden Danger of SaaS: ADA Digital Compliance

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Ensure your product vendors are supporting, not undermining, your digital accessibility efforts.

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Featuring Kris Rivenburgh, Head of Regulatory Affairs for eSSENTIAL Accessibility

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A commitment to accessibility is an ongoing journey as content, standards, and regulations evolve. It takes talent, technology, and time to get it right. But all of your hard work can unravel in an instant if you integrate an inaccessible digital product from a third-party vendor.

In this webinar our Head of Regulatory Affairs will discuss:

  • Compliance: what's your risk if you integrate an inaccessible third-party product?
  • Creation: the what, why and how of developing a vendor accessibility policy
  • Competitive edge: how an end-to-end accessible experience boosts brand and builds business


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