Web Accessibility Compliance in 2022:
What Every Legal Counsel Needs to Know

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Webinar Speakers including; Eve Hill, Tim Elder, Kris Rivenburgh, Ian Lowe

In its latest guidance statement, the DOJ solidifies its position: Web accessibility is an ADA requirement for state and local governments, as well as businesses open to the public. With this guidance, organizations will need to ensure their websites are accessible to individuals with disabilities. But the guidance stops short of articulating exactly how to do so.

In our roundtable with a former DOJ Deputy Assistant Attorney General and renowned accessibility attorneys, you will learn:

  • Details of the DOJ’s guidance and how to interpret it
  • The current state of case law and what to expect moving forward
  • Best practices for achieving web accessibility

Speakers include:

  • Eve Hill — former DOJ Deputy Assistant Attorney General
  • Tim Elder — Founder of TRE Legal Practice
  • Kris Rivenburgh — Head of Regulatory Affairs at eSSENTIAL Accessibility
  • Ian Lowe — CMO at eSSENTIAL Accessibility (moderator)


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