Digital accessibility can help protect your business and broaden your reach

In the US alone, there are 1.3 billion people with disabilities, representing a combined spending power of more than $490 billion. Ensure they can engage with your brand by creating and delivering ADA-compliant e-commerce experiences that are free from accessibility barriers.

Learn how eSSENTIAL Accessibility and BigCommerce can help you:

  • Increase customer engagement. Reach more customers, including those who require certain accommodations to access and navigate the web.

  • Mitigate legal risk. Protect your business from the threat of legal action by achieving WCAG conformance and remaining compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, and other
    anti-discrimination laws.

  • Elevate your brand. Inclusive experiences are better for business – accessibility enables you to connect with more customers, protect your brand, and enhance their user experience for everyone.

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