Duration: 30 minutes

What happens when your mission-driven organization has a mission to address accessibility? 

Over 60 million people in the United States alone self-identify as having a disability. Despite providers’ best attempts to be accessible, people with disabilities still face barriers to quality healthcare. These barriers often start from a person’s first interaction with a health provider’s digital properties. Web and mobile experiences are a critical part of the decision-making journey, and healthcare organizations have an opportunity to make their digital presence more accessible and inclusive to patients of all abilities.

Watch this webinar replay to learn how Manager of Digital Optimization, Erik Helton, has given focus and purpose to digital accessibility for Baptist Health’s visitors and potential patients. You'll hear directly from Erik how he continues to make digital accessibility a priority for Baptist Health.

In this on-demand webinar hosted by Greystone.Net, we will also cover:

  • The State of Disability Online
  • Web Accessibility Guidelines
  • Accessibility Standards & Regulations

The conclusion of this replay also features a Q&A session. Complete the form to watch the video.


Erik Helton, Manager of Digital Optimization, Baptist Health


Simon Dermer, Co-Founder and CEO, eSSENTIAL Accessibility